• Mobility and RFID solutions


    Wireless Dynamics offers integrated smart solutions in the field of mobility systems and RFID Solution with unique business value and bring complete life-cycle solutions to the table including Asset Tracking System, Warehouse Management System (WMS), Field service, Van sales, Retail Application..Etc  

  • Wireless Dynamics is one of the few companies in Egypt that offers RFID and Barcode Asset Tracking System, which provides you with high visibility and tracking to your assets. It utilizes RFID and Barcode enabled Handhelds and printers, RFID tags and Barcode Label, Software based on Android and web application, - Asset tracking service performed by our expert team.





  • RFID Solutions

    Wireless Dynamics is a market leader in Egypt in the field of RFID, Wireless Dynamics offers complete product portfolio such as RFID Readers- RFID Antennas- RFID Tags and Labels that cover complete solution for application such as Asset tracking, Apparel Tagging, Warehouse and inventory system, Library System, Real time location service (RTLS).

  • Wireless Dynamics -Mobility and RFID Solutions
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