• RFID Solutions and applications

    Radio-frequency identification ( RFID ) is an automatic identification method, relying on storing data on RFID tags and remotely retrieving it using handheld or fixed RFID reader. 

    Wireless Dynamics  delivers  scalable RFID systems. Being partner to Worldwide leaders such as Kathrein, Bluebird, NXP...etc. Wireless Dynamics offers unmatched combination of a complete suite of RFID product and services including Readers, Antennas, Hard and label tags.

    RFID technology can be used in many solution that includes but not limited to:

    • RFID Asset Tracking:

      Track you Valuable with RFID tag and Label, Tags it, locate it, RFID technologies help you cycle count your asset quickly and accurately.

    • Inventory cycle count.

      Automate your warehouse with RFID, control your inbound , outbound, picking process using RFID Gates, Handheld and label.   

    • RFID Apparel Store.

       Increase your sales by reducing your out  of stock items and Maintain you Min. Display Qty (MDQ), whether you are using RF or AM technology for EAS , you could couple it with RFID to control your inventory. 

    • Laundry solution.

    • Library solution.

    • Real Time Location System.

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